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    FK Bearing Group Co., Ltd. is China's leading bearing manufacturer and exporter with the largest outputs and the greatest varieties. As the primary contributor to National Bearing Units Standard, FK Bearing Group  established the exclusive national Bearing Units Research Institute with Luoyang Bearing Research Institute.

FK Bearing Group Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1969 as Nanan Bearing Co., Ltd.. It is honored as national second-class medium-sized enterprise, national second-class manufacturing enterprise, high – tech enterprise  in Fujian Province, and one of the key enterprises of former National Mechanical Department, which includes OTC(XIAMEN) Bearing Co., LTD., OTC (Honglai) Housing Co., Ltd., FK Bearing Housing Co., Ltd. and FK Trading Co., Ltd.. 

FK Bearing's registered trademark (China Well-Known Trademark) is  . At FK Bearing, we commit ourselves to research & development, production, promotion and application of Insert Bearing and full kinds of Bearing Housings.

There are more than 1200 employees in our group, and 150+ of them are technicians. We have the most advanced Insert Bearing automatic production line, automatic inspection line and the world's leading Bearing Housing production line. We have an annual production and sales of over 22 million pcs Bearing Units, Spherical Plain Bearings, Rod Ends, Hex bore Bearings, EMQ Ball Bearings, Center Support Bearings and Auto Bearings. Furthermore, our products are widely used in various types of transmission equipment, fans, mining equipment , engineering machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, fishing equipment, construction machinery, garage equipment, food machinery, medical equipment, packaging machinery, cigarette equipment, fitness equipment, testing mechanical, electrical, and automobile, and 65% of our parts are exported to 65 countries and regions.

As one of the earliest bearing exporters, we established strong marketing network and service platform, and set up friendly cooperation relationship with partners worldwide.

In accordance with ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 international standards, we set up our Quality and environmental management system and got the international certificate. Our philosophy is "Market is the reason for our action; customers' satisfaction is our duty; and the employee's improvement is our pursuit. Pragmatic and efficient fine,Lean Innovation, For human and social progress and development to make our contribution.". Our faith is " You and me unite as one like the insert fits the housing. To be better and more successful."

We supply "one-stop type services and product solutions" to meet the different needs at home and abroad.

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