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Adapter Sleeve Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Locknut
d1 d B3 B4 D1 D2 a b f G
AH30241151206064124123.516134M130 X 20.75KM26
AH30261251306771134.513417144M140 X 20.93KM28
AH30281351406873144.6714417144M150 X 21.01KM30
AH30301451507277154.9215418154M160 X 21.15KM32
AH30321501607782165.2516419165M170 X 22.06KM34
AH30341601708590175.8317420175M 185 X 32.43KM36
AH30361701809298186.2518523175M190 X 32.8KM38
AH303818019096102196.519524185M205 X 43.32HM41
AH3040190200102108206.9220525195M215 X 43.8HM43
AH3044200220111117227.5822626205M235 X 47.4HM47
AH304822024011612324824727215M260 X 48.75HM52
AH3052240260128135268.8326729236M280 X 410.7HM56
AH3056260280131139289.0828830246M300 X 412HM60
AH3060280300145153310.0830932266M320 X 514.4HM64
AH306430032014915733032933276T345 X 516HM69
AH3068320340162171351.4235034286T365 X 519.5HM73
AH3072340360167176371.6737036306T385 X 521HM77
AH3076360380170180391.9239037316T410 X 523.2HM82
AH3080380400183193412.8341133336T430 X 527.3HM86
AH308440042018619643343240348T450 X 529HM90
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FK New F sealingFK New F sealing
FK new developed F sealing is a combined seal, it consists of two pressed steel plates and one nitrile rubber lip, and it is tightly installed on the bearing outer ring, so the F sealing will not fall off when too much grease is filled, and will not loose when shock and vibration is caused during assembly. This new F sealing is widely used in UC, HC, UK, SA, SB, SER series insert bearings.    
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