How to Clean Precision Parts of Insert Bearing?

Feb 07, 2017

As a result of improper storage or rust-proof measures, the precision parts or accessories of insert bearing will produce rust. Basically, in this case, it cannot be handled by mechanical method or chemical method(for using chemical pickling may damage parts precision).

So, how to clean precision parts of insert bearing?

Scope of application:
1. Rework or repair high precision parts. 
2. Due to improper storage or shipping, the surface of precision parts should be treated for rust removal.

Soak cleaning process:
1. Pour the Kelin - 306 into a tank(it’s better to use plastic or stainless steel tank);
2. Use electric heater to heat colleen - 306 to 40-50 degrees and maintain it, if under normal temperature, it need to extend the time;
3. Immerse workpiece into the tank;
4. If you need to further improve the efficiency, you can increase the circulating pump to stir the tank fluid;
5. After dissolving corrosion, you can remove artifacts, and rinse it with the water-based antirust agent;
6. After rinse it, let it air-dry or stoving, or directly dehydrate;
7. When necessary, you can conduct a comprehensive anti-rust and transferred to next procedure.

Wiping and cleaning process:
1. Use dishcloth dipping Kelin 306 to wipe workpiece repeatedly, this method is suitable for the cleaning of large equipment or workpiece;
2. After wiping, use a blower with hot air to dry it or let it air-dry, and finally paint bearing units with anti-rust oil.

How to Clean Precision Parts of Insert Bearing?

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