Miniature Bearing Demands Will Maintain High Growth Rate

Apr 22, 2016

Miniature bearing is mainly used to match with main industries including auto, household appliances and medical equipment. The development of relative industries also promotes bearing to develop.

In recent years, Chinese auto market is always maintaining the trend of high growing. Considering from car parc, per capita income and average car parc, auto market is still an incremental market having not transferred into stock market yet. A report shows that the high growth rate in auto industry will be maintained for a period of time. The growth rate will not be less than 15%.

With auto developing into miniaturization and electromotion, related parts are constantly increasing. So, parts market having closed relationship with auto will be continuously expanded. The development of automotive bearing will focus on safety, high efficiency and reducing hazardous substances. Pump motor and its application system represented by motor of fan of radiator on auto, motor of wiper, bracket of EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) and ABS (anti-locked braking system) are the main application fields of miniature bearing.

Especially bearing is used for ABS. In 1980’s, ABS was only applied in high class autos. Then, as important product of accident prevention, ABS was developed into miniaturization and popularization. From the midterm of 1990's, the application of ABS was constantly expanded. At present, automotive principal axis is developed into multi-function and security. The ABS is not only used to control braking gap, but also used to monitor sensor linkage during running. ABS also can transmit different braking force to four wheels, ensuring safe driving on the whole. The future development of miniature bearing is the updating system of ABS. Different manufacturers have different appellation on the product such as ESC, EPS and VSC.

The development of ABS is typical example of automotive related products. In the future, with requirements for security and environment improving gradually, miniature bearing will derive various new application products. The market of imported bearing aims at hybrid power automobile and electric automobile, which will try effort to create new related products. For the development, referred fields of miniature bearing will be expanded constantly and precision is also raised. For Chinese auto industry developing continuously, Chinese enterprises will have enormous development space. 

The market scale of household appliances in China is growing annually while the growth rate slightly falls in recent 2 years. It is predicted that the market of household appliances will continue expanding.

Representative product of miniature bearing used for household appliances is motor bearing for dust collector and air conditioner, mainly motor whose external diameter is 22mm. The feature of dust collector is the revolution of motor can be as high as 40,000-50,000 revolutions per minute. Motor whose revolution is 100,000 revolutions per minute has already been used for hot sale dust collector on market.

Air conditioner is equipment used indoor for a long time, having higher requirements for low noise. The current problem is that electrocorrosion caused by energization between inner and outer ring of bearing. The only solution is to use non-conducting ceramic bearing, improving the technical level of miniature bearing used for household appliances.

In recent years, market scale of medical equipment in China also maintains high growth rate. It is estimated that Chinese medical equipment industry will maintain the growth rate of more than 20%.

In terms of medical equipment, bearing also has wide application, mainly involving blood pump used for artificial dialysis, drug injection pump and air pump of ventilator. The equipment is used in wards. So the equipment should have low noise. An extreme example is drill used by dentists. The revolution of drill is 400,000-500,000 revolutions per minute. Dentists may feel uncomfortable stimulated by high noise. The priority of bearing used for medical equipment is the corrosion resistance of bearings to drug and acid, having closed relationship with materials of bearing.

From the future development of bearing in application fields, miniature bearing will mainly develop into high precision and low noise. Therefore, the future development is precision bearing. Due to wide application of insert bearing, the development of every industry has higher and higher requirements for precision, performance, service life and reliability. And required quantity is also more and more. However, in China, manufacturing of precision bearing is still weak. Based on statics of data, self-support ratio of precision miniature bearing is only 40%. China has to spend large numbers of foreign exchanges on importing precision miniature bearing. Among that, most of mainshaft bearings used for high speed electrical machine depends on import. In recent years, Chinese machine tool industry and auto industry are developing rapidly. To meet the requirements of updating and substituting for import, Chinese precision miniature bearing has wide market prospect.
Miniature Bearing Demands Will Maintain High Growth Rate

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