Powder Metallurgy Promotes Development of Bearing

Aug 16, 2016

In recent years, the development of metallurgy contributes to steady and rapid development of Chinese national economy. The development of auto, household appliances, metallurgy, chemical engineering and other industries drives powder metallurgy to develop. Bearing is an important and key basic part in equipment manufacturing, having direct influence on performance, quality and reliability of equipment and machine, which is also considered as center part of equipment manufacturing.

Although Chinese bearing constantly makes progress, it is still backward, compared with worldwide bearing industry power, which is shown that the proportion of products having high technology, high precision and high additional value. Stability of products needs to be improved and enhanced further. Due to global economical situation, Chinese bearing manufacturing is influenced. Orders of bearing are reduced significantly. Orders are reduced by about one time, compared with previous years, causing more drastic competition on market having over capacity, which threatens survival of most of enterprises.

With enhancement of national policy support, it is believed that Chinese bearing industry will usher in opportunity of development. It is necessary to accelerate progress of localization of high-end bearing, providing a solid base of complete localization of Chinese large equipment manufacturing.

China is actively promoting high-end equipment manufacturing to develop. The demands for bearing having high technology and high precision will grow further, which requires that Chinese manufacturing enterprises should improve their technologies continuously, accelerating updating of industry, reducing the quality gap with imported high-class bearing and realizing localization of high-class bearing.

Meanwhile, the recent years are the periods that powder metallurgy having the largest investment. It is also the largest development period of Chinese metal powder manufacturing industry. However, iron powder provided Chinese manufacturers still has large gap, when compared with foreign manufacturers, which is shown by following aspects:

Stability of metal powder features, especially stability of metal powder features between different batches has direct impact on quality of metallurgy powder products. All in all, besides strictly controlling chemical compositions, granularity and size composition of iron powder in daily manufacturing process, intensive study should be carried out on blending process of iron powder before delivery. 

It is reported that the output of iron powder continues to growing. Categories are expanding and quality is also improving. Market has good development. However, for price of raw materials used for manufacturing iron powder growing, metal powder manufacturing has high operating pressure. Metal powder manufacturers should enhance intensity of technological reformation, optimizing manufacturing technique and reducing cost of production. Expanding application of iron powder makes Chinese metal powder manufacturing maintain steady and rapid development.

Powder Metallurgy Promotes Development of Bearing

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