Shenzhen International Bearing & Equipment Exhibition 2017

Jun 20, 2017

Event: Shenzhen International Bearing & Equipment Exhibition 2017.
Site: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.
Concurrent Activity: 2017 South China International Bearing New Technologies and Manufacturing Developments Summit.

2017.9.19 Tuesday 09:30-16:30
2017.9.20 Wednesday 09:00-16:30
2017.9.21 Thursday 09:00-15:00

1. Bearing products: standard bearings, special bearings
2. Bearing machining equipment
3. Bearing components and related products

Shenzhen Automatic Association
The Asia Association of Automation and Robot
Hong Kong Trade Development Exhibit Group Co., Limited 
Shanghai Maofa Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd  

Korea Bearing Manufacturer's Association(KBMA)
Japan Bearing Industry Association(JBIA)
American Bearing Manufacturers Association(ABMA)

About Shenzhen International Bearing & Equipment Exhibition:
Shenzhen International Bearing & Equipment Exhibition 2017, or IBE 2017 for short, will be held from September 19th to 20th at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

As one of the domestic events with the longest history and largest scale in the bearing and equipment industry, IBE 2017 comprehensively covers fields of bearing products and special machining equipment and is going to become a high-quality industrial event for exhibitors and visitors based on its previous successes, for providing more market opportunities and professional exhibition services for exhibitors.

According to the statistics, IBE 2016 had exhibition areas of 56,000 square meters and attracted over 800 enterprises from nearly 20 countries across the world. 

During IBE 2016, almost 38000 upper-end buyers from all over the world were attracted to join the event, covering automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, hardware mechanical and electrical products, engineering machinery, aerospace, national defense, shipbuilding, rail transportation and medical equipment industries. At IBE 2016, exhibitors and professional visitors had interactions with passion, further laying a solid foundation for IBE as a top exhibition brand in South China.

As one of the pioneering bearing equipment industry events in the world, enterprises with high-level brands and manufacturing giants in the industry are invited to IBE 2017. Based on the unique location advantages and powerful manufacturing background, IBE 2017 provides various high-valued business opportunities for our exhibitors.

IBE 2017 is strive to help you to win more market shares on the Chinese equipment manufacturing market which is full of fierce competition. With the upgrade of manufacturing industries, China has already become an energetic world power of equipment manufacturing under the spotlight. IBE 2017 can definitely assist you to solidify your market position in South China and even in China and attract more potential buyers in the emerging industry to a larger extent.  

You can promote your innovations in equipment manufacturing industry via IBE 2017. A brand-new exhibition area (non-standard bearing equipment purchasing area) is provided to attract buyers with diverse demands and a comprehensive one-stop commercial platform is established to offer our suppliers new products as well as relevant services from different sectors, and expand the business in China.

IBE 2017 will boost your ROI. In order to establish a more powerful platform with expertise and ensure your good profits on the market, the organizer takes innovative measures to help exhibitors seize more cooperation opportunities via the exhibition, including news, advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, trade matching, roadshow activities and online platforms.
Shenzhen International Bearing & Equipment Exhibition 2017

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