Three Typical Types of Insert Bearing

Jan 17, 2017

According to the match mode with shaft, insert bearing can be classified into three categories:

Screw fastening insert bearing
Generally, there are two fastening screw on insert bearing. They play a fixed role when cooperating with shaft. This kind of insert bearing is required to be in the environment of small vibration range. Screw fastening Insert bearing is common and widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Tapered insert bearing
The inner diameter of insert bearing is a 1:12 taper bore. When using tapered insert bearing, tight sleeves should be used cooperatively. Its characteristic is that it can withstand greater load than screw fastening insert bearing does. The inner diameter of tapered insert bearing is smaller than screw fastening insert bearing’s. For example, If the inner diameter of screw fastening insert bearing UC209 is 45 mm, its shaft diameter also is 45 mm. However, if it is a tapered insert bearing of 45 mm inner diameter, the bore diameter of adapter sleeve must be 45mm, and only taper insert bearing UK210 is matched with it.(Of course, if the load is higher, people can choose UK310). Thus, the load that UK210 can bear is much greater than UC209 does.

Eccentric-sleeve insert bearing
The main characteristic of eccentric-sleeve insert bearing is that there is a certain degree of eccentricity in one end of it, matched with eccentric sleeve of the same eccentricity. This kind of bearing is mainly used in the agricultural machinery (harvester, straw returned machine, thresher, etc.). In addition, it is mainly used in the structure of violent vibrations, because the matching of the eccentric structure can effectively reduce the violent vibrations.

Double seal 
Compared with other ordinary bearing, the insert bearing has a characteristic of double seal. Because of some quite harsh environmental conditions, especially in the agricultural machinery, the double-seal structure can protect the channel from the dust. In the past two years, some companies have developed triple seal insert bearing, which greatly enhanced the dustproof performance, prolonged the service life of bearing.

Three Typical Types of Insert Bearing

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