What Makes Bearings Operated with Abnormal Noises?

Aug 31, 2017

Ten factors making bearing operated with abnormal noises
With long-term experience, technicians sum up ten factors which can cause abnormal noises of bearings during operation. These factors below might be not complete enough and we will keep the study for more results.

Debris such as sand carbon granules fall into bearings, and they can make bearings corroded.

Bearings are eroded by water, acidic materials, paint, etc.

Wrong lubricant or grease is used for bearings.

Bearings are not be lubricated enough.

Bearings are squeezed by bearing seat holes. (The roundness of bearing seat holes is not proper, or bearing seat holes are deformed)

The bottom surfaces of bearings have uneven bearing parallels, which can make bearing seat holes deformed and even the cracks of bearings occur.

Residues such as chips and dust particles are left in bearing seat holes.

The axel centers of sealing rings are deviated from the original positions, which makes sealing rings in contact with components around them and the friction occur between the bearings and the components.

Additional loads are imposed on bearings because bearings adopt structure with two fixed ends.

The creak of ball bearings units 
The creak is a grating noise of metal and occurs wherever the cylinder roller bearing is operated. In most time, the creak occurs when large-scale bearings are lubricated by grease. Moreover, the creak occurs more when grease is with deteriorated performance. There is no creak when bearings are lubricated by lube.

Besides, in winter, it is more frequent to hear the creak of bearings. When pure radial loads are imposed to bearings, the creak often takes place when the bearing is operated with big radial clearance. With different sizes of ball bearing units, the creak occurs easily when bearings are operated in the certain range of speeds and noises can occur either continuously or at intervals.

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